by Medius

EuroCloud Award 2016 Winner

Category "Best Cloud Services provided by Start-Up CSP's"

Awarded on Behalf of EuroCloud Europe

Medius' CloudSE solution awarded as the best European cloud service in the category "Best Cloud Services provided by Start-Up CSPs". Nominees and the winners are determined by the paneuropean jury from participating countries composed of independent experts from different cloud expertise and distinction. Over 30 Cloud solution providers from all over Europe have competed in the 2-tiered competition - national and European.

An open API architecture providing cloud based
Secure Element

Medius CLOUD SE is a cloud based software emulation of the SE, exposed as an open API, that enables service providers the ability to easily embed value added mobile services such as ticketing, loyalty, stored value to their existing mobile applications.


Providing mobile ticketing alongside classical contactless smart card without changes on existing validation infrastructure.


Eliminates business model complexity of physical presence of SE for global M-to-N value added services where more service operators, carriers, and trusted service providers are involved.


Easy to use API for embedding mobile ticketing functionality to a 3rd party ecosystems.

Contactless killer App

Leverage an ever growing population of smart NFC phones as personal or third party terminals and take the opportunity to offer additional value added services in your application.

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we approach each new project.


  • Client interview
  • Gather consumer data
  • Create content strategy
  • Analyze research


  • Build specification
  • Product implementation
  • Core code customization
  • Project management


  • Integrate to environemt
  • Market product launch
  • Collect UX data
  • Daily SW support

How does it work?

Medius CloudSE is an open API architecture that implements CIPURSE™ specification as a cloud based Secure Element (SE). CloudSE exposes CIPURSE™ functionality to third party applications through secure web services. The architecture takes advantage of Android’s Host-based Card Emulation (HCE) library for selecting CIPURSE™ applications stored on CloudSE and tunneling APDU commands to/from CloudSE. The whole solution is independent of third party SE issuers, such as carriers and device manufacturers and does not require any upgrade of the existing ticket validation infrastructure. Furthermore, this open API architecture enables third party developers to implement their own applications and value added services that can easily access CloudSE exposed web services.

Medius CloudSE API architecture

Our Work

We are proud to also be a part of the initiative to bring open standars to public transport fare collection systems. Watch our COO, Viktor Brajak, talk about the need for open standards for HCE-based ticketing solutions and how to implement HCE with open standards.

Click on the link bellow to learn about:

  • The value of HCE technology in transport ticketing and the need for open standards
  • Details of how HCE can be implemented with CIPURSE™ and recommendations about the most effective approach
  • Future developments for CIPURSE HCE usability, including event ticketing and mobile wallets


In order to fully take advantage of your mobile ticketing solution and bring the most added value to your business allow us to tailor the best solution one can have.

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